MT-GO Time!

This is somewhat of a simple news update rather than a normal post. Certainly I have decks and concepts I could talk about, or drafts I could break down, but I don’t have time for that today. Why not? Well, today is one of the greatest days of the year. Even more important than prerelease Saturday in the real world, today is prerelease day on MTGO! In about 39 minutes I’ll finally be cracking open Dark Ascension packs online and beating people’s faces in with them. In less than an hour, I can get my hands on some Tragic Slips, Faithless Lootings, and maybe some Huntmasters if I’m lucky. Ahh, the good times ahead…

What today means in relation to how I manage my collection and my Magic time is a little more serious than just playing in endless Prerelease events however. I’ve really tried to find a group that I can develop decks with and explore formats, but that search has come up empty. Sure, my friends like to battle Standard a fair bit, and even do so with improvement in mind. A few even have that one Modern deck they want to play at one PTQ if they decide to go, but that’s not enough for me. If I’m going to take the time to travel to Chicago and the land of shittily run events, I want to be as prepared as possible, especially since I’m not really that great at Constructed in general and need all the practice I can get. With the availability of DA online today, I’m going to put some actual money into MTGO, and start brewing Modern decks. I have two, both still in the conceptual stages, that I’ve wanted to try out for a while now, but it’s just impossible to play irl; all people ever want to do is draft, which is all well and good, but besides me losing the token game for $30+ every damn time, nothing really comes of it. SO when Cato informed me how easy/affordable it was to get cards through a place like ABU, I couldn’t help but take the plunge. It’s a small purchase to start, just a set of Stomping Grounds, Fire-lit Thickets, and some assorted chaff, but it opens up the door to buy more mentally.

Of course, this money has to come from somewhere, and that means I probably won’t be keeping such a large paper collection. I was really getting tired of it anyway. It’s cumbersome, difficult to sort, and largely useless without a group to play with on a consistent basis. So if anyone wants to buy something from me, just contact me privately using Facebook’s messaging system, and DO NOT approach me in public since most of the time you find me there I’m at someone else’s store who likely would not enjoy people conducting business while they pay the rent. Note that I’m not just liquidating everything, and if I was I would just sell it all to GG because, well, they are a good store and deserve the business. I’m just more open to not keeping so much lying around in the hopes that I will brew endless decks with a team that doesn’t exist. Most of this is uncharted territory for me, and if anyone has ever had to make this transition, any advice you could give would be hugely appreaciated.

It’s six minutes to go time on MTGO land, so I’ll have to keep this brief. The two concepts I’ve been thinking about for Modern are Green based beatdown with Giantbaiting(an old time favorite of mine), and the probably aforementioned Raven’s Crime/Life From the Loam/Burning Vengeance deck. The Giantbaiting deck is cheap to construct, and I’d like to try it with Black for some better removal and disruption, but for some reason Twilight Mires are 20 tix online. Ahh, the weirdness of adjusting to a new market I suppose. The Life From the Loam deck can go in a number of directions, like Gifts Ungiven, Faithless Looting, or more purely controlling builds. Both hopefully deserve their own articles, and with a bit of luck, and further investment on MTGO, we’ll get them. Anyway, it’s 1PM eastern, and I’m going to go crush some nubs now.

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2 responses to “MT-GO Time!

  1. Okay, seriously now, Modern? Dude, because of my schedule/kids, I’m almost always forced to play MTGO. And I’ve got a Modern Melira deck that I’ve been doing well with (see my blog). Anytime I’m on that you want to test, let me know, I’d be happy to do it. I think I have your username, but I never see it online so maybe we just have different schedules or something. But yeah, I’m usually on d00gL35TYL3, which is my main account now. And by the way, I’ve followed you on Twitter, but you have yet to return the favor! @dooglestyle As you were.

    • theolentangy

      Sorry about the laziness in twitter. I usually just lurk there, but I’ll remember to follow you next time I fire it up. I’m going to try to go to Chicago next week for the Modern PTQ, so I’ll be on alot brewing away!

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