Insert Your Own Miracle Joke

For brevity’s sake, I’m not going to spend a ton of time talking about the cards previewed this weekend by WotC at PAX East. I can sum most of it up in a single sentence. Here we go.

It’s awesome.

That may be true, but I can probably do better. Let’s try again.

Avacyn Restored features White Angels versus Black Demons that battle using various Miracles, drawing all the denizens of Innistrad into the conflict, who ally with either side via Soulbonding themselves to good or evil.

That’s good enough, but maybe the first try was better for that whole brevity thing. Suppose that was never my sort of thing anyway, and in the event that you haven’t been keeping up on your dorky hobbies over Easter weekend, here’s a quick rundown.

There are a few new mechanics that join a few returning ones in AR(Avacyn Restored). Undying is still around, hopefully making a bigger impact on Constructed beyond a silly 2/1 with haste. The previewed card that proves the above statement is a big flying Demon that not only has Undying, but also requires a sacrifice each time it enters the battlefield. Doesn’t seem like a card that plays well against Vapor Snag, but that’s just me(and everyone else).

There are a few other cards supporting the Angels and Demons theme, and then there’s Thunderous Wrath, a RR4 instant that deals five to a target. It also happens to have what seems like the signature keyword for this set, Miracle. Miracle says that if you draw this card as the first card on a turn, you may play it right then and there, ignoring the normal timing rules for it’s miracle cost, and in Thunderous Wrath’s case, it’s just R. This mechanic has tons of possibilities, and although TW isn’t as great as it seems since Standard doesn’t have a Brainstorm effect(think about that one you Legacy players), it has already inspired me to finally rebuild Tebow Time, which is hilariously fitting considering the origin of the word miracle.

But hold the phone, stop the presses, and get ready to maybe change your pants. Having just checked the spoiler on to be sure of my information on the aforementioned cards, I saw this:

Temporal Mastery UU5 Sorcery

Take an extra turn after this one. Exile Temporal Mastery.

Wait for it.

Miracle U1

Yikes. Although I haven’t read it, Chapin’s most recent article (, and get your Premium account you cheapskate), referenced Rosewater’s column this week featuring the Miracle that WotC was the most wary of printing. Pretty sure that Temporal Mastery is it. Sadly, after getting you all pumped up about it, I’m going to set it aside and just post the very first reiteration of Tebow Time, AR style.

  • 4 Delver of Secrets
  • 4 Grim Lavamancer
  • 4 Thought Scour
  • 4 Noxious Revival
  • 4 Mana Leak
  • 4 Thunderous Wrath
  • 4 Ponder
  • 4 Snapcaster Mage
  • 3 Faithless Looting
  • 3 Galvanic Blast/Vapor Snag
  • 22 Lands with a few Green sources for some spicy Green splash probably.

Sure this isn’t anything close to an optimal list, but it really showcases what Thunderous Wrath can do. You can Ponder it to the top, Scour it away and Revival it to the top, loot it away form your hand if you get stuck with it, or even just tap six and Lava Axe someone. With all the Looting, Pondering, and Scouring going on, not to mention Snapcastering to rebuy Revivals, it’s probably going to get pretty Wrathy for your opponent. Combined with the usual Delver awesomeness, and backed by Grim Lavamancer to take advantage of your bin filling up, this is quite a brew, and this is only with a handful of AR cards previewed! With a different aim in mind, one could take advantage of the Miracle for W that puts an artifact, creature, or enchantment on the bottom of someone’s deck.

This is just the start of the craziness that surrounds a new set’s release, and we don’t get a big set in the Spring very often, so it’s time to brew, speculate, and obviously, draft!




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