Hearthstone – Malygos Rogue

MalygodRecently while browsing Hearthpwn.com, I came across this little gem from superjj102, who recently ground to #2 on EU with a Malygos Rogue deck. Normally I don’t get too excited about a Hearthstone deck, especially since there are so many Undertaker midrange decks out there that all play out more or less the same, but this deck caught my eye because unlike many decks in Hearthstone, it functions on a different axis than the norm for it’s class.

For example, I could build a Hunter deck that was slightly slower and more midrangey, but all the usual strategies against the more aggressive Hunter decks would still be solid against it. But this deck, which resembles Miracle Rogue in most of its openers, can leave opponents playing right along with the plan of trading resources and not letting your life total get too low, until BLAM, they suddenly lose to a flurry of Sinister Strikes and Shivs from life totals that Miracle Rogue usually can’t reach. The best part is that taunt creatures are useless against the onslaught.

In trying out an initial list of my own, I passed on Zombie Chow and Earthen Ring Farseer in favor of more traditional rogue cards like Assassin’s Blade and Loot Hoarders for added velocity. However, Loot Hoarder is actually terrible in this deck because he never trades with anything that you couldn’t already deal with via your other cantrip spells. The free card was nice, but not needed since so many cards in the deck already replace themselves. It was like playing Storm in Magic: The Gathering with nothing but card selection – all I ever found was more digging spells.

malygod 2This is what I’m currently playing after about 15 games of tweaking. I’m better than 50% win rate, but barely due to growing pains, like getting my Malygos killed unexpectedly, or just playing incorrectly against certain decks. I could REALLY use a Bloodmage Thalnos, likely in place of Edwin VanCleef, which is a nice alternative strategy, but doesn’t work well against decks like Shaman, Hunter, and Warrior because of their ability to kill or silence a large creature.

The deck plays out like most control decks. Maintain parity, and keep your life total safe. Remember, you have very little board presence most of the time, so don’t fall too far behind cycling or doming your opponent. Unlike Miracle Rogue, Gadgetzan Auctioneer isn’t quite as vital because your combo isn’t as specific, so feel free to run him out there and just draw an extra card or two.

Turns five through eight are the hard ones. You don’t have an end game besides Malygos, and it’s likely your opponent isn’t low enough on life to worry about a Leroy that isn’t coming. All you can do is keep doing what you’re doing. Hopefully playing Azure Drakes will incentivize your opponent to keep trading resources. If they don’t, things can get rough, but your only goal is to survive without blowing everything if you have Malygos, and dig for him if you don’t.

After finding Malygos, you can either and play him with a Conceal, or just run him out there and use Preparation to Fan of Knives/Blade Flurry(which benefits from spell damage) their board if needed. If you think you’re going to run into that situation, you need to be more aggressive in dealing damage, because if Malygos dies, you are often left without enough damage to win!

I’m thinking of re-including the Assassin’s Blade as a way to pressure opponents who just sit there. The original list had it before an edit, it’s better at worse ranks because you have a simple backup plan that doesn’t blow up your primary one. Having a Sap would also be nice, and gives you an out to play for in some spots, but I haven’t found a cut I like yet.

Let me know about your experiences with this deck if you decide to pick it up!


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