Hearthstone – A Legendary Tavern Brawl!

I’m sorry I don’t have any images of video to accompany this, but this game occurred on my tablet and I didn’t have recording on.

In the post-TGT Tavern Brawl, I picked Mage and was paired against a Warrior. My hand is subpar and I fall behind over the early and midgame, staring at a hand of Malygos, Pyroblast, Arcane Explosion, and Arcane Blast. I draw Majordomo Executus and the wheels begin to turn in my head, looking for a way to win. My malygod is dispatched by an Execute on turn nine, and things look grim.

majorThe Warrior plays out most of his hand, but I can use the Explosion and the Blast to clear an Armorsmith, Taskmaster, Salty Dog, and a random small dude. He plays more dudes, and I play the Domo, eventually maneuvering to a spot where I can trade it away at one life and have a Ventue Co. Mercenary in play. I still have the Pyroblast. With nothing but a frozen Siege engine in play, he Brawls, and I win the flip. I draw… Arcane Explosion, again. I 15 him down to 25 and pass.

He Bouncing Blades my dude, and a few turns go by trading cards. I’m getting extremely low again, down to eight, but I have a Jeeves supplying both of us gas. I am finally dead on board against his pair of three health minions after I Ragnaros’d his larger guy, so I just use the second Arcane Explosion and play a random dude just to see what Jeeves would have given me. My draws included… FLAME LEVIATHAN!

His board cleared, he deploys some more creatures, enough to win if my hero power goes face. I draw a random dork and have to decide whether to Pyroblast a dude to stay alive for sure, or run the hero power and 25% of the time I die.

I hero power and… die.

Sure, I may have lost this game, and certainly the text doesn’t do NEAR the justice the game deserves, but I absolutely had to share this game with the public. I’m pretty sure that this Tavern Brawl “Encounter at the Crossroads” somehow has a different way of assembling random decks. The decks feel more like real decks and less like actual randomized piles of cards, and there are for sure more legendaries flying around.

Despite the TGT release maing me play Constructed most of the time, this Brawl was a huge success and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next week!


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