Hearthstone – Whispers of the Old Gods

My initial reaction to finally getting to see the next Hearthstone set, and the set that will herald the coming of Standard (finally, but still not soon enough, read below), was … interesting. The actual live reveal on twitch.tv happened while I was busy, and so I got to see the spoiled cards with no production value. In case you haven’t seen them yourself, here they are.


Aside from C’Thun, I wasn’t terribly impressed, but I get the feeling that Blizzard doesn’t want to start with the coolest cards in the set and lose hype over time. C’Thun is pretty cool, and is certainly worthy of being a 10 drop.

All the ‘tainted’ cards revealed seem pretty terrible in Constructed. Two health dooms the Hoarder, although it’s worth nothing that having more dudes that die to draw a card could mean something down the line(really anytime the same effect appears on multiple cards you should look for crazy shit to do with them).

The Validated Doomsayer looks cool, but I don’t think you can ever afford to play it unless you’re WAY ahead. I feel like it would be really tough to make it any better than Salty Dog, and while the ability to tell Aldor Peacekeeper and his friend Keeper of Uldaman to piss off is cute, it seems like too much of a corner case for ladder.

Corrupted Healbot seems fine, I guess. Right now the only method we have to compare whether a card will be playable based on power level alone is by looking at what we know will be in Standard, and I don’t think it its good enough in general. I could see playing it in Warrior maybe, where you just want a fat dude on five to assert control, or in Priest, where you could do some fancy tricks with Soulpriest to surprise lethal opponents.

C’Thun for You, and You, and You

Something I didn’t hear about until I watched the reveal myself later was that when you open your very first WotOG(that’s awkward) pack, you will get your five cards, AND you get C’Thun, so expect literally every deck you play against on the first day to be C’Thun creations. According to the developers, there are over a dozen cards that interact with C’Thun in some way, so there will likely be several varieties across all the classes for a while.

Also note that logging in during the promotion period will get you three free Whispers(better) packs!

More cards will be revealed throughout the weekend, and hopefully we’ll get to see a few more of the Old Gods or the cards that work with C’Thun, so stick to the spoiler pages or just watch Winter Champs all wekeend!



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