Hearthstone – Standouts in Old Gods

So we’ve all had about a week to play around with Whispers of the Old Gods, and for most of us the release of this new set along with the rotation of Standard has turned Constructed straight on its ear. I know that some people have used this brewing opportunity to play tried and true methods to shoot up the ladder, and according to many this was especially true in the very high-but-not-quite-legend ranks, so maybe not everything has changed, but for the vast majority, the game is hardly recognizable. Instead of a building board superiority early in the game that slowly crushes opponents, many games are decided by wild swings in the late game. Cards like C’Thun and Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End have dramatic and often game ending battlecries, and even the support cards like the Twin Emperors are powerful enough that almost anything that happened early in the game just doesn’t matter.

But I’m not here to completely break down Standard. Actually, I would love to be able to do that, but it’s very hard to filter out the RNG noise of a deck like Evolve-C’Thun or Mage Yogg-Saron to determine if it’s more than just blind luck that decides games. Only time can tell us if those decks are here to stay, or if their luck will peter out.

Instead, I’m going to break down just a few cards that are either exceeding expectations or just feel powerful in the new format.

Cabalist’s Tome

tomeWhen Old Gods was released, Twitch was flooded with countless streamers all trying to do one thing – cast Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End and make it into a Trolden video. Most players chose a spell-heavy control deck to achieve this end, and just kept the board clear until they could unleash a 20+ spell Yogg-Saron. The decks often didn’t win because Yogg blew up in their faces, but everything they were doing leading up to playing Yogg seemed very good, and the reason they could even come close to controlling the board that long was Cabalist’s Tome.

As it turns out, spending a turn drawing three potentially powerful spells isn’t that bad anymore. Many decks durdle around for a long time while setting up a haymaker, and you can often follow up a Tome with a board clear to wipe the tempo slate clean.

Cabalist’s Tome is the most powerful card draw spell in Standard because the vast majority of Mage cards can deal with minions, while casting something like Sprint might yield nothing but air or dorky minions. Sprint also moves you that much closer to fatigue, while the Tome acts much closer to what many people wish Thistle Tea was like – a value generator that doesn’t draw cards from your deck. Also, getting a Cabalist’s Tome from a Cabalist’s Tome is the sauce.

I expect that once Standard quiets down a little and some established decks are made known, Cabalist’s Tome will make its way into many Mage decks that just want to grind value, and could easily end up as the most powerful card in the set.

Selfless Hero


Selfless Hero, like the deck it thrives in, is really fucking annoying. I mentioned in my last post that not nerfing Divine Favor means that whenever the right minions are in Standard, Aggro Paladin will be crushing people like its 2014, and it appears that now is the right time. In a world where no one does anything on turn one, a 2/1 is awesome, and a reasonably costed minion with a powerful deathrattle is even better. Aggro Paladin is the only deck I’ve found that retains the old feeling of a quickly emerging and slowly crushing feeling of being out tempo-ed, mostly because of this card and Steward of Darkshire. Be warned about playing your Y’Shaarj Astral Communion deck in Standard, because you’re just going to get stomped by this lady and her pals.

Forbidden Healing

healingHealing is at a huge premium now. It never felt like enough because of the tempo-driven meta, but Antique Healbot was actually awesome. Now, with all the haymakers flying around in the late game, often a player is just left with too few health points after clearing a C’Thun to really be able to fight back, even though it has the late game in mind. Priests and Warriors naturally can recover through their hero power, but Control Paladin sometimes wants still MORE beyond Lay on Hands and Ragnaros, Lightlord since of all the control classes, it shines best in the late game through consistently applying pressure through an endless stream of 1/1s. Recall that just like skipping a turn to Cabalist’s Tome isn’t nearly as bad as it used to be, skipping a turn to heal for 20 can also be useful, as Paladin has excellent tools for retaking the board through Equality and its various debuffing minions. I’ve only seen this card a handful of times in Constructed so far, but it has surprised me with how well it helps to grind out games. Sometimes you can exhaust a deck of reasonable threats entirely by simply outlasting them.


shadowI admit that I haven’t really seen many people using this card. Most of my impression of this card comes from me jamming it into a C’Thun deck, where I had awesome moments with Disciple of C’Thun, Brann Bronzebeard, and even another Shadowcaster. Still, this card provides an extremely powerful effect, though it may be in the wrong class to fully leverage it. It combines very well with Shadowstep on two fronts. Shadowstepping the Shadowcaster is good value, but I’m pretty sure that since the Caster’s battlecry is a buff, you can SS the 1/1 copy and get a full attack and health version. You have to pay t he normal cost minus two, but it’s still awesome with the right minions.

What cards from Old Gods have impressed you? Comment below, or start a discussion on my Facebook page, The Olentangy Plays!


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