It’s Me!

This blog has undergone some changes over the years. At first, it was just a place to post Magic The Gathering drafts with commentary. Now, I have my twitch TV stream to handle that. Then I used it to write articles on random Magic brews I had created since I didn’t have a place to get feedback on them. Now, I have my burgeoning MTGO account ( Lumbermen in case you want to talk ).

These days, I usually leave the chatter short and sweet, either on the podcast I help create called @RTGCast on Twitter, found on iTunes under “Running the Gauntlet,” or at Gamer’s Gauntlet’s website. I’ve taken recently to writing about video games a bit more, so that’s creeping in here. I also have several writing classes at Oakland University, so most of my rhetorical energies have been devoted to those endeavors. It’s a bit scatterbrained how I have it all organized, but here’s a comprehensive list of my presence on WordPress. Somewhat random posts. A New Media writing course assignment A sports blog where I discovered I don’t have a ton to say about sports, at least not in blog form (my Twitter is abuzz with baseball 24/7).

So that’s all for now. Most people don’t bother visiting the ‘About’ page, so be happy you are where most of the internet is not. Enjoy your relative solitude.


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